Boracay Body Part 11: Love-Hate

Crossfit London Yoga official warmup
Crossfit London pole dancing practice

15 minute AMRAP
7 Squat Clean Thrusters (40kgs)
7 Toes through rings (5 air squats penalty if not done in 1 set)

Post WOD strength
1RM Deadlift (110kgs)

When I first saw the WOD I wasn’t sure what to think. I like cleans… power cleans, hang cleans and even squat cleans. But I loathe thrusters, so putting them together was a little off putting. To my surprise it wasn’t that bad and I stormed through the first set. Then it was on to the toes through rings, which was ok but I really had to take a breath before each set and push through the 7 reps. I didn’t want to do the penalty, which luckily I managed to avoid doing.

At the end I managed to do 6 rounds with 7 squat clean thrusters. I hoped to do 7 rounds but I think I am happy with this result.

We had time to do 1RM of deadlift afterwards and I only managed to do 110kgs. Still my old 1RM but after a good WOD, so I’m not too disappointed but I am still eager to take it to the next level.


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