Boracay Body Part 10: Two And A Half Ton Jack

3 rounds
30 second Samson Stretch (each side)
Around 5 Pull ups
Around 5 Ring dips
10 OHS (20kgs)
Around 10 Sit ups

1 minute max effort deadlift (30kgs)
3 minute max effort deadlift (50kgs or approximately 35% 1RM)

12 minute AMRAP
9 Box Jumps
6 DB Thrusters (10kg dumbells)
6 Burpees

It was a cold night in London after snowing over the weekend, so we were off to a decent start with the warm-up session. Then came a sort of strength/conditioning experiment by Andrew on figuring out what the magic number is for power output work, meaning how much weight can you push/pull/carry over a period of time. We started off with an insignificant weight, max rep for 1 minute. I did 33. Then based on your 1RM, pick percentage of that and do max reps in 3 minutes. Andrew put in 138kgs as my 1RM (when I said it was 130kgs, but probably below that, but really I have no idea… confusing isn’t it) and boiled down to doing 50kgs. I managed to do 51 reps. That meant that over 3 minutes I was able to lift 2,550kgs. That is definitely a lot of work. My back felt a little tight, I guess more technique is in order.

Then it was onto the WOD. Even before starting, I wasn’t feeling good. It must have been the Subway sandwich I had for lunch. I’ve come to realize that every time I eat something that isn’t as healthy as it should, my performance gets affected. I only managed 5 rounds plus 2 burpees. I think I did a pretty good job pushing through the thrusters but my burpee left a lot to be desired. I am quite looking forward to the strict Paleo challenge and see how my body reacts to it and start taking names during the WOD. In the meantime it’s time for dinner…


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