Boracay Body Part 9: SMMF

Warm Up

Deadlift 2-2-2 (max at 110kgs)
Weighted pull-ups in between (20kgs)

100 Burpees (8 minute cap)

12 minute AMRAP
20 Walking Lunges
10 Knees to elbows

I got the title from Gym Jones, which meant Single Movement Mind Fuck. More on that later…

Deadlifts seem to be the order of the day recently and I managed to do a few sets of my previous 1RM so I am now quite curious as to what my 1RM is. But I would like a few more session at 110kgs just to cement the weight and technique before I go for a PB. I did weighted pull-ups with a 20kg kettlebell (one rep and an attempt for each set) to help get my strength back. I could have done kipping practices but am still taking care of my hands as we had knees to elbows for the WOD…. the second WOD that is.

The first WOD was horrible to say the least. 100 burpees in 8 minutes. I managed to do 77, making them as strict as possible and avoiding ‘sprawling’. I think I did alright. But then it was straight on to WOD #2. Nick’s reaction was classic “What? No rest?”. I believe Andrew’s point for the class was to prepare you for doing work after the feeling of being totally fucked up. 100 burpees (or 77 in my case) certainly fucks you up. I managed 6 rounds plus 4 knees to elbows.


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