Boracay Body Part 16: Run DMC

Snatch Progression (up to 35kgs)

20 minute AMRAP
20 Double Unders
15 Ring dips
15 Toes to bar
Star Run (approx. 400m)

I was wondering why the door to the gym was open when I got there. It was still relatively cold in London and it would normally be closed to keep the folks from freezing. I saw the WOD and we had running, and I hate running.

But before that we did a few snatch progression skills. I decided to stick to a bit lighter weight as the snatch is quite technical and it has been a while since we done snatching. I should say I was pretty happy with my technique and would probably go up in weight next time around.

So back to the WOD, my take: I managed to string a few double unders together, I still have to do ring dips with the red band on WODs, toes to bar were ok, I hate running, I managed to be the first to do finish a round but I was only able to finish 3 rounds + 7 toes to bar. I think the run let me down a bit.

It is not that easy

So after being out for nearly a week I am back to the gym, and what is the WOD? Well only a Crossfit Games Open Qualifier WOD. 7 minute AMRAP? Easy. Only one movement? Easy. Burpees? Still easy.

Or so you think.

I may have had a game plan on taking it relatively easy on the first few minutes, but that went out the window from the word Go. I wasn’t going too fast, but it was too fast to maintain for 7 minutes. I got some good cheering from Steve, Kat, Alex, Christian, Shawn(?), and Maxim and Janis both of whom I didn’t realize had entered the room. I was out on the floor for a good few minutes trying not to die and recover from it. It was all good as I managed to beat my goal of 77 which came from a similar WOD a while back. Socs did ok as well with 68 reps.

It is official, we are in the Games! Well just the qualifiers ūüôā

I’m not kidding myself in getting up the leaderboard though. I mean c’mon a little Filipino, against the fighting Irish, Vikings and Romans? No chance there mate, but I will give it one a hell of a go!

Bad News, Good News

I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the week so I took a couple of days off of work and working out. I was quite gutted as we were supposed to do Fran and I was actually looking forward to participate on the Crossfit Games Open (although unofficially). That and my weight is now back up to 65kgs, I feared that this is another step backwards for me.

So what’s a guy to do? Cook! As I am taking part in the Crossfit London UK Lent Challenge I decided to kick start the whole paleo thing with 2 dishes. Grilled spiced chicken with asparagus and broccoli and sinigang na salon sa miso (aka Salmon in Tamarind soup with miso).

I am still having problems getting the right amount of good food during lunch time so I am looking at bringing my own lunch and snacks to work. I am now looking at my grocery list for all the paleo goodness I will be cooking for next week’s meals and I am quite looking forward to it!

Two Weeks Left…

I have two weeks left for Ronin’s Live the Code challenge (this week plus next) and they’re asking how I’ve been keeping up…to be honest, its not as good as it should be. ¬†My training happens 3x a week at best, at one point a week went by without a workout. ¬†My diet was okay on the first week, but after that it went it downhill and the food logs have completely vanished as well.

I knew coming in that I would find it difficult as it started at a particularly challenging time at work…yes, that’s my excuse. ¬†However, I did tell myself that my goals are “simple” enough that I should be able to reach them at the end of week 6. ¬†Today’s WOD should give me an idea of how I’m doing, as it’s very similar to Fran.

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