Second Skin

In the hopes of adding a bit of variety to our blog I am posting a product review. It may be related to CrossFit and working out, but hey give me a bit of credit here. Anyway here it goes…

I’ve had a bit of a knee problem for a while now, in fact that chronic pain was what lead me to ‘a path of fitness’. Initially, I relied mainly to knee support of types… simple neoprene ones, those with plastic supports, and knee/calf support as well. However it got to a point that standing was a pain not just on my knee but on my lower back as well. Long story short, I realized that the stronger I got, the lesser the pain was. I still get that niggling discomfort once in a while, especially if I stay away from the gym for an extended period.

A few years ago I saw Skins through all the research into CrossFit. I wasn’t really into the whole compression thing from the beginning, but the usual knee supports were not really comfortable and I ended up not wearing them most of the time. Despite these things being a bit expensive, I decided to give them a try. They were cool looking and it was coming up to winter at that time so an added layer wasn’t a bad idea.

As soon as I tried them on a light bulb went on. They were amazing! You can really feel the support on the right muscle groups, the butt, quads, and hamstrings were fully supported. The only concern was the calves as I was a bit short for the length (5’8″ at around 65kgs on a size small). But overall I love them.

So much that I bought the matching compression shirt (I know)! I was not disappointed with them either as they fit perfectly. I usually have problems with tops as I have pretty wide shoulders compared to my waist, my rash guard at home would fit me perfectly in the chest/shoulder area but is quite loose on the mid-section. I only bought these as I was having issues with my left arm/elbow area at that time and figured some good old compression would help and it did.


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