Keeping Up

So, I signed up for this Live the Code Challenge at Ronin, right, and the recommendation is to workout 4x a week.  Unfortunately due to schedule and various other excuses reasons its turning out to be “lucky if I go thrice” type of thing.

But no matter, I will have to make sure that when I do go and workout, that I make it count.  And perhaps, that I blog about it as well as that helps me keep track.

So yesterday, Jan 30, I had to use open gym time to register my “Cindy” performance.  Having done this once before months ago, I was curious to see how much I’ve improved, if I had at all.


20 mins AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of
5 pull ups (green bands)
10 push ups
15 squats

My previous performance in July 2011 was 9+ rounds on the green bands for pull-ups and using box push ups.  This time, I was still on the green band (At one point I had moved on to blue, but laziness means I’m back on the green) and I only did box push ups on my last 4 rounds, the rest of the time I was doing proper “plank” push ups.  I decided to go on the box when I felt that I was “snaking” on the push ups.  At first I thought I’d go do the knee thing for push ups, but decided against it.  I knew that the box would still force me to keep my midline tight.  I struggled and I had some pretty good pain faces for sure, but I managed.

The result:  13+ rounds!!!  I was 5 squats short of 14 rounds because I was struggling with the push ups.  But hey, that’s a big improvement right there!  Definitely happy with that.  Let’s see what happens in about 4 weeks.

Today’s workout had a bit of last Saturday’s so I thought about the proper weight to use quite a bit…

3 Rounds for Time —
10 clean and jerk (25 kgs)
10 burpees
30 double unders/90 singles (singles for me)

When I did power cleans last Saturday, it was that and situps for 21-15-9 at 28.5 kgs.  I was tempted to keep that same weight today, but I realized that adding the push jerk to the clean and burpees on top of that…I thought I should cut back a bit.  I’m glad I did because doing burpees when you’re battered by 10 c&j’s is not nice.  Not at all.  I felt like I was crawling just to get up from the floor.

8 minutes and 47 seconds later, I was out of breath and done with the WOD.  It felt good, it felt right, so I think the weight decision was a good one.


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