Boracay Body Part 8: Barefoot Bruce

Warm up
Partner workout. Switch exercises if one fails in form, game over on next failure. Last pair standing wins.
Round 1 – Squat + Push up (Team Ben aka James)
Round 2 – KB Swing + Ring Dip (Team Allan aka Lee)
Round 3 – Tuck Jump + Burpee

KB Snatch (Max 24kgs)

3x 3 minute rounds (40 sec rest)
20 Dumbell push press (10kg dumbbells)
10 Ring Dip
20 Squats

I left my shoes at home so I worked out barefoot, well with socks as I didn’t want to put anyone off during the class. It was weird especially with the jumping bits, but I managed to do ok. Lindsay and I even managed to win a round on the warm up! Sally’s seemed to be having problems with names and called me Lee a few times, I think she’s called me that a few times before. I hope that’s because I remind her of Bruce Lee haha.

We went on to the strength session and it was actually nice to see how much I can snatch. I gave the 24kgs a go and felt it was close to my limit. I was able to get the kettlebell up on a few tries but still need more work on form I think. As I remember I need to twist my body more to get the bell in the right position. Will try that out next time.

The WOD was similar to last Saturday so I knew all I had to do was keep going and keep the rest periods short. As usual the push press was getting difficult, I think I may have mental limits on holding something at shoulder level. I should probably jack up the weight a bit to force me into being comfortable in that position. For some reason the ring dips felt a bit easier this time around. Over all a good workout, with a nice push from me at the last 30 seconds 3 reps shy of completing round 6 (I think, wasn’t really counting the reps).


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