Boracay Body Part 7: No sitting down

3×5 Deadlift (90kgs)

5 – 3 minute rounds
10 Pull ups
15 Ring Dips
20 Jumping Squats
Max Sit ups (score)
40 second rest

I as a little disappointed that it was another round of deadlifts for the strength session but since we haven’t done 5 reps for each work set I figured it was nice to know what my 5RM would be. It definitely is more than 90kgs, I just wasn’t sure how far I could go. Maybe next time I’ll try to see if 100kgs is more closer to what I can pull.

The WOD was another of Colin’s classic with fixed rest intervals. I managed to do a bit more pull-ups than the last time as my hands are now healing better. The ring dips where definitely a weakness as well and had to use bands on the second round. I managed to score a total of 72 (28, 19, 13, 6, 6).

Socs did the foundations class as she is still slowly getting back in the saddle. 21-15-9 WOD with Power cleans (28kgs) and situps. She finished 6:47 with excellent remarks from the coaches on her form. Can I just say I initially taught her how to lift weight correctly? (Or as correctly as I knew then)


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