New Year, New PRs

As I got ready to leave for the gym yesterday, I realized that I was about to have what would be the highlight of my day.  I had been stuck at home all day, barely even able to get a proper meal in because of all the work that needs to be done that I was welcoming stepping out and doing something to get my mind off work.  I think this helped keep me going at the gym, particularly since we were doing Crossfit Total as part of Ronin Crossfit‘s Live the Code Challenge.

Warm Up:  Skip rope 5 mins, bootstrappers, rollovers, leg swings, walking lunges

Crossfit Total
find your 1RM Back Squats
find your 1RM Press
find your 1RM Deadlift

I had prepared my workout journal beforehand and had my previous numbers on all three.  My goal was at least to achieve the same 1RM as I knew I hadn’t been working out religiously.  It took us more than an hour to finish as I think everyone was cheering each other on and pushing them to get their best numbers — I certainly saw Aoife and Niamh push their limits and its always nice to see ladies working hard.

I was very happy with the numbers I got as I have maintained and exceed my previous PRs 🙂  The one thing that scares me now  is that since I’ve gone to relatively high numbers, it will be more and more difficult to increase that load.  But, I’ll take in stride.  I’ll take what I can get.

Here are my previous and current 1RMs :

Back Squat — in July 2011 this was 60kg, last night this changed to 65kg  (with Jody prematurely bailing me out on my first attempt haha! I know where its coming from, appreciate the help 🙂 )

Press — in September 2011 I got a 30kg PR, this stays the same (30kg).  Not bad for a real weakness.

Deadlift — in December 2011 this was 70kg, last night this changed to 75kg.  Suffice to say a bit of dizziness ensued immediately afterwards, but still stoked about it


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