The Prodigal Daughter

It seems since as though the beginning of the year marked my inactivity — missing workouts, missing blog posts.  In reality, my life has been unbelievably, crazy  busy and stressful.  I’ve a new project and new challenges that can be exciting but mostly frustrating and incredibly stressful.  Wow, thats the same adjective in two consecutive sentences…

Today though I knew I had to make time to get some workout done.  It just simply is unacceptable not to get some exercise done, not when I’m looking to lose fat. Allan is on his “Boracay Body” thread already whereas I’m working on adding wrinkles to my forehead.

My decision to start again today coincided with the first day of Ronin Crossfit’s “Live the Code” challenge.  I know that the first few weeks will be hard with my schedule and all, but if I don’t try then all my previous hard work will just go to waste.  So sign up I did.

To gauge improvement, we were doing Fran to begin the challenge and ending it with Fran to compare.

Warm Up:  Skip rope, bootstrappers

Thrusters (15kg)
Pull Ups (green band)

I tried out the 15kg bar to warm up and try out the thruster.  To my disappointment, I found the 15kg heavy.  I was hoping to do Fran at 20kg but there was no point in going too heavy and end up killing myself (beyond the acceptable level).  Besides, I haven’t done any decent workout for 23 days, I can’t pretend I’m as strong as I used to be.  It was also straight to the green band for me, as I had moved back to green even before Christmas.

I finished Fran at 6:49.  Allan seems to think the time is okay.  I just keep thinking that with all the scaling going on, it was just as well that I had a decent time.

Day 1 done, an entire lifetime to go.


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