Boracay Body Part 5: Disappointed

Warm up
Crossfit London UK Yoga session

Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2 (max at 110kg on last 2 sets)
In between sets
2x weighted pull-ups
3-4x KB snatch (left/right)

KB Snatch right arm (16kgs)
KB Snatch left arm
Push ups

I was pretty chuffed at seeing the deadlift part of the strength session as I recently was looking at my numbers and figured out why I wasn’t improving. I knew I had to pull 110kgs at least 2 reps so that was the target, and luckily I was able to do it on the last 2 sets. I think I might have been able to push it to a new 3RM! In between sets I was testing out the KB snatches as well and decided I will go for 16kgs for the WOD with a 12kg kettlebell on the side just in case.

I was doing quite ok and had a pretty good rhythm going on, resting just enough and going pushing through the rep scheme (the target was to split the reps halfway before resting). Then sometime during the 3rd to the last set I tore a callus on the left hand. Then after finishing 8 KB snatches on the right arm, I tore another callus there as well. I tried to push through the pain but I started bleeding 4 reps into the KB snatches on the left arm. I decided to get some medical help from Andrew and suggested I DNF the WOD. It was a bitter blow as I knew I could have finished the WOD before the 20 minute cap, but tearing my hands more would just delay my progress.

Disappointing for sure, but I look forward to the next class. I should remember to take care of my hands better though, this isn’t the first time I tore my callus during a WOD.


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