Boracay Body Part 3: Missing 20

Horsing around

Worked up to 2RM deadlift (maxed 110kgs)

KB Swings (25kgs at eye level)
Jumping squats
Ring Dips (red band)

It was a fun warm up with 8 people horseing around Crossfit London UK style. Then it was off to the strength section with deadlifts. It was supposed to be 2-2-2-2, but I think I may have miscalculated the time and weight and only got to do 1 set at 110kgs. I couldn’t get the second set up, probably due to the KB practice we did in between. At least I think this is would mean a new 1RM for me… hopefully I can test that out soon. Watch out 130kgs, I’m coming to get you.

Then it was time for the WOD, there was a 15 minute cut-off so I was aiming for that. However I was doing 25Kgs on the KB swing, which I have never used in a WOD so I was a little apprehensive. I was able to swing it overhead for the first set but had to get it at eye level only on the next rounds. I was able to consistently get it there with good form though.

I split the reps into 5s or so, and at one point got disappointed in myself as I would stop at 5 even though I could have probably pushed for a few more (maybe get 10 reps out) before resting. Something I need to keep in mind next time out. I finished the WOD 14:25 🙂


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