Boracay Body Part 2: Goats

5 rounds of
15 KB swings (24kgs) in 30s
30s rest
Burpee penalty for no rep

3×5 Deadlift (max 90kgs)
2 weighted ring dips in between sets

100 Thrusters (30kgs)
7 Double Under attempts every minute
15 minute cap

After doing Filthy Fifty yesterday I was hoping for an ‘easy day’, but Kat had something else in mind. I initially wanted to do 20kgs on the warm up as I am used to the weight, but Kat seemed to have hidden all the 20kg kettlebells so again I was forced to go heavier.

I was able to bring the kettlebell overhead on the first 2 rounds and actually finish the 15 swings in the time frame. However after that I was only able to bring it to eye level and barely finished the last round. I might try the 24kg again on WODs next time and see how I go.

I don’t like thrusters and I still haven’t gotten my double unders yet so you know how this is going. For the first 13 minutes I did double under attempts, and failing all of them. Then Steven gave me a quick cue and I was able to get a double under immediately. And then something clicked and I was able to string 4 in sequence, not just single-double-single-single-double, but actual consecutive double unders. Joy!

The thrusters were thrusters and only got 8 on the first round and probably averaged 4 on the rest of the time finishing with a score of 56 (assuming my math was correct). Again the score could have improved a bit by adding one or two more reps per minute if I had the double unders sorted, but at least I know how to do them properly now.


2 thoughts on “Boracay Body Part 2: Goats

    • Thanks Kat! I’m actually looking forward to them now hehe.

      I did think we had more than 2 20kg kettlebells though… oh well, time to move on to the heavier ones 🙂

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