Let’s Do This

We spent about an hour planning our goals for the year over coffee and then headed off to the box for the first workout of the year.

Warm Up:  5 minutes or so on the skip rope plus working the floor with high knees, high kicks, bear crawls, etc

20 minutes AMRAP
20 double unders / 60 singles
20 push ups
20 wall balls

Last week’s workout had wall balls included and they seemed pretty manageable at the time, especially for Allan who rarely incorporates them on WODs.  Today however was a different story.  Coming straight from push ups to wall balls were a killer, I definitely felt both on my shoulders and upper body.  Before we started I jokingly said I’d end up doing 4 rounds, thinking that it was too low a target for the met con.  On my second round and on the push ups, I started thinking I would be lucky to have four.  The goal-setting session helped boost my drive though, as I dug deep and did not resort to doing push ups on my knees (although my form could’ve been better I think).  About 30+ seconds left til it was over, I rushed to get my wall balls in and ended with 5 rounds in total.  Allan was close with 19 wall balls short of 5 rounds.

I won’t publish my goals for this year (target 1 RMs, etc) as its too embarassing…but I will post when I’ve reached them though 🙂  Bring on 2012!


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