Keeping Up

So, I signed up for this Live the Code Challenge at Ronin, right, and the recommendation is to workout 4x a week.  Unfortunately due to schedule and various other excuses reasons its turning out to be “lucky if I go thrice” type of thing.

But no matter, I will have to make sure that when I do go and workout, that I make it count.  And perhaps, that I blog about it as well as that helps me keep track.

So yesterday, Jan 30, I had to use open gym time to register my “Cindy” performance.  Having done this once before months ago, I was curious to see how much I’ve improved, if I had at all.


20 mins AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of
5 pull ups (green bands)
10 push ups
15 squats

My previous performance in July 2011 was 9+ rounds on the green bands for pull-ups and using box push ups.  This time, I was still on the green band (At one point I had moved on to blue, but laziness means I’m back on the green) and I only did box push ups on my last 4 rounds, the rest of the time I was doing proper “plank” push ups.  I decided to go on the box when I felt that I was “snaking” on the push ups.  At first I thought I’d go do the knee thing for push ups, but decided against it.  I knew that the box would still force me to keep my midline tight.  I struggled and I had some pretty good pain faces for sure, but I managed.

The result:  13+ rounds!!!  I was 5 squats short of 14 rounds because I was struggling with the push ups.  But hey, that’s a big improvement right there!  Definitely happy with that.  Let’s see what happens in about 4 weeks.

Today’s workout had a bit of last Saturday’s so I thought about the proper weight to use quite a bit…

3 Rounds for Time —
10 clean and jerk (25 kgs)
10 burpees
30 double unders/90 singles (singles for me)

When I did power cleans last Saturday, it was that and situps for 21-15-9 at 28.5 kgs.  I was tempted to keep that same weight today, but I realized that adding the push jerk to the clean and burpees on top of that…I thought I should cut back a bit.  I’m glad I did because doing burpees when you’re battered by 10 c&j’s is not nice.  Not at all.  I felt like I was crawling just to get up from the floor.

8 minutes and 47 seconds later, I was out of breath and done with the WOD.  It felt good, it felt right, so I think the weight decision was a good one.

Second Skin

In the hopes of adding a bit of variety to our blog I am posting a product review. It may be related to CrossFit and working out, but hey give me a bit of credit here. Anyway here it goes…

I’ve had a bit of a knee problem for a while now, in fact that chronic pain was what lead me to ‘a path of fitness’. Initially, I relied mainly to knee support of types… simple neoprene ones, those with plastic supports, and knee/calf support as well. However it got to a point that standing was a pain not just on my knee but on my lower back as well. Long story short, I realized that the stronger I got, the lesser the pain was. I still get that niggling discomfort once in a while, especially if I stay away from the gym for an extended period.

A few years ago I saw Skins through all the research into CrossFit. I wasn’t really into the whole compression thing from the beginning, but the usual knee supports were not really comfortable and I ended up not wearing them most of the time. Despite these things being a bit expensive, I decided to give them a try. They were cool looking and it was coming up to winter at that time so an added layer wasn’t a bad idea.

As soon as I tried them on a light bulb went on. They were amazing! You can really feel the support on the right muscle groups, the butt, quads, and hamstrings were fully supported. The only concern was the calves as I was a bit short for the length (5’8″ at around 65kgs on a size small). But overall I love them.

So much that I bought the matching compression shirt (I know)! I was not disappointed with them either as they fit perfectly. I usually have problems with tops as I have pretty wide shoulders compared to my waist, my rash guard at home would fit me perfectly in the chest/shoulder area but is quite loose on the mid-section. I only bought these as I was having issues with my left arm/elbow area at that time and figured some good old compression would help and it did.

Boracay Body Part 8: Barefoot Bruce

Warm up
Partner workout. Switch exercises if one fails in form, game over on next failure. Last pair standing wins.
Round 1 – Squat + Push up (Team Ben aka James)
Round 2 – KB Swing + Ring Dip (Team Allan aka Lee)
Round 3 – Tuck Jump + Burpee

KB Snatch (Max 24kgs)

3x 3 minute rounds (40 sec rest)
20 Dumbell push press (10kg dumbbells)
10 Ring Dip
20 Squats

I left my shoes at home so I worked out barefoot, well with socks as I didn’t want to put anyone off during the class. It was weird especially with the jumping bits, but I managed to do ok. Lindsay and I even managed to win a round on the warm up! Sally’s seemed to be having problems with names and called me Lee a few times, I think she’s called me that a few times before. I hope that’s because I remind her of Bruce Lee haha.

We went on to the strength session and it was actually nice to see how much I can snatch. I gave the 24kgs a go and felt it was close to my limit. I was able to get the kettlebell up on a few tries but still need more work on form I think. As I remember I need to twist my body more to get the bell in the right position. Will try that out next time.

The WOD was similar to last Saturday so I knew all I had to do was keep going and keep the rest periods short. As usual the push press was getting difficult, I think I may have mental limits on holding something at shoulder level. I should probably jack up the weight a bit to force me into being comfortable in that position. For some reason the ring dips felt a bit easier this time around. Over all a good workout, with a nice push from me at the last 30 seconds 3 reps shy of completing round 6 (I think, wasn’t really counting the reps).

Boracay Body Part 7: No sitting down

3×5 Deadlift (90kgs)

5 – 3 minute rounds
10 Pull ups
15 Ring Dips
20 Jumping Squats
Max Sit ups (score)
40 second rest

I as a little disappointed that it was another round of deadlifts for the strength session but since we haven’t done 5 reps for each work set I figured it was nice to know what my 5RM would be. It definitely is more than 90kgs, I just wasn’t sure how far I could go. Maybe next time I’ll try to see if 100kgs is more closer to what I can pull.

The WOD was another of Colin’s classic with fixed rest intervals. I managed to do a bit more pull-ups than the last time as my hands are now healing better. The ring dips where definitely a weakness as well and had to use bands on the second round. I managed to score a total of 72 (28, 19, 13, 6, 6).

Socs did the foundations class as she is still slowly getting back in the saddle. 21-15-9 WOD with Power cleans (28kgs) and situps. She finished 6:47 with excellent remarks from the coaches on her form. Can I just say I initially taught her how to lift weight correctly? (Or as correctly as I knew then)

Boracay Body Part 6: Fran and then some

Warm up
Wet run to the star (400m?)

Squat Snatch 2-2-2-2-2- (30kgs)
Perform 25 Knees to elbows and 25 GHD back extensions throughout

Fran (10 minute cap)
Thruster (40kgs)
Pull ups

3 minute rest

Double Unders
Box jump
KB Swings (24kgs)

I was having a bad day at work so I was sort of looking forward to banging some weights and taking names tonight, but when Kat said we were doing 2 WODs I was a little scared. Then I saw it was Fran, I didn’t care about the second WOD I knew Fran was going to suck. I tried it out two years ago but wussed out.

I decided to go for 40kgs on this (Rx was 42.5kgs) and took it easy on the pull ups making sure I didn’t tear my hands again. Thrusters suck as usual, I definitely need to work on them. I think I hit the 10 minute cap after doing 8 of the 15 pull ups. It was then off to WOD 2 after 3 minutes rest. I was hoping my double unders would improve but no dice there, was able to string only 2-3 at a time at most. And I lost time on box jumps, I’m just not efficient enough in getting up and down the box. I think I did ok on the 24kgs kettlebell swings though, stringing 10 a little higher than eye level with good form. I can say I’m not afraid of them anymore, thanks to Kat for forcing them on me (although this time I took the initiative and went for them on my own).

Mixed feelings on the workout though. I felt a little disappointed in how I did, I only got to 27 of the 30 box jumps. Makes me want to go back and do it all over again, which I guess is a good thing.