Warm up
A collection of skip ropes, leg swings, boot strappers, 600m run and wall squats

5×5 Back Squat (65kgs / 45kgs)

5 rounds
7 Wall balls
10 Pull ups

My first WOD at Ronin Crossfit. We started off by warming up to a cool Irish morning and moved on to the strength component. 65kgs felt ok despite my previous back issues. I could have probably gone a bit higher but I am still on the mend and taking it slowly.

The WOD was great and I stormed through the first set of wall balls and pull ups, then my arm issues caught up with me on the 3rd and 4th round. My arms have been feeling like someone punched them real hard for a few days now. I might need to take it easy and relax with a nice warm bath. Overall though I felt great and finished the WOD in 6:57 with Socs at 6:59.


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