There Were Some Burps

Clean and Jerk

2-2-2-2-2 Clean and Jerk (60kgs, failed at 70kgs)
Add 10kgs to max C&J and do 2-2-2 High Pulls (80kgs)
3×5 Front Squats (50kgs cleaned from the floor)
Mix in strict pull-ups throughout

7 minute AMRAP
30 seconds max Burpees
30 seconds max KB swings (20kgs)

I was a little concerned that we were doing clean and jerks and front squats on the strength session as this combination was what probably did my back a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I got my groove back and my strength is coming back to me. I felt good on the 60kgs power clean and tried for 70kgs but failed, I think it was more to do with technique so that is promising. I know I can front squat more than 50 kgs but I decided to clean it from the floor and stayed safe on a light weight. Slow progression is fast progress.

I saw the previous class do the WOD and it looked fun and terrible at the same time. I didn’t push hard on the first 2 minutes and managed to pull out at least 10 reps each. On the middle part I could probably manage anywhere between 6-10 reps. I let everything out on the last minute and a half and managed to squeeze a few more reps. I felt a little ashamed that I was using only 20kgs when everyone else on the class was doing 24/25kgs, hopefully I made up with the reps. At least now I am back being comfortable with 20kgs, and maybe move on to the big bells soon.

Good thing I went to Colin’s class last Saturday which prepared me mentally on not stopping too much and just do the work. Andrew’s motivation during the WOD was quite helpful too.

On a side note, they are putting up a wall for wallballs next year. I am dreading that, but I gotta work on my weakness. They’ve also got military webbing for weighted whatever (runs, pull-ups, etc), it is going to be fun!


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