Dos Equis

Warm up
Pull ups
Push ups
Box jumps

3 Strict Shoulder Press every minute on the minute (35kgs)

5 rounds, 2 minutes of:
15 Dumbbell Thrusters (20kg)
10 burpees
Maximum Dumbbell hang power cleans
One minute rest

Score the number of dumbbell cleans.

So I as back on Saturday for a regular class and Colin actually posted the WOD early in the morning so I knew what I was getting into for the 11:30 class. I kept the weight relatively low on the strength session as I didn’t want to be too eager, I think I could have gone with 40kgs or even 45kgs (I think 45kgs was my 5RM before). My ultimate goal is to break that 50kg ceiling, it would be nice to know I can press a sack of rice (I’m Filipino, we think in terms of sacks of rice).

The WOD went well in the beginning as I cranked out 10 hang power cleans, unfortunately I had two big Xs on the next two rounds. I was getting a little disappointed and just told myself that I just had to do the work no matter what. It paid off and I managed to squeeze in 3 and 1 hang power cleans on the last two rounds. Pathetic, but as Colin mentioned, the WOD was a test of your mental toughness rather than anything. It was meant to try and keep working continuously for 2 minutes despite the suck factor of having two of my least favorite moves in the triplet.


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