Kat is Evil (Merry Christmas!)

3 rounds
15 KB swings (16kg)
10 GHD back extensions
5 Pull ups

5×3 Deadlifts (max 90kg)

50 Double unders buy in
Back Squat (40kgs)
Toes to bar
25 Burpees/KB swings (20kgs) alternating after each round
50 Double unders cash out

Kat was being particularly evil on this one. At first she didn’t give us chocolate, then she would eat them right in our faces, tempting us with the sweet tasty snacks, as we suffered through a terrible WOD. Then at the end of it all she made us crawl to get our ‘dirty little paws’ on the goodies.

Just kidding! It was actually a pretty good session and Kat was particularly festive as it was her last class for the next 2 weeks before she heads home to Slovakia for the holidays. I was quite surprised that I did relatively well on the deadlift and getting better technique on it.

While the components of the WOD were ok, the combination of it made things a little tricky. I kept it on the light side on the squats as my back and right ITB was a little tight, although I think I could have probably gone with 45 or 50kgs. The toes-to-bar got harder as time went by but I still managed to do them. The burpees and KB swings were the ones that really killed us, they just took the wind out of us and slowed us down a lot.

I didn’t finish the WOD (got up to 15 of the second set of burpees), but it feels good to be back on regular classes and not die. I still have a bit to go but at least I don’t feel like utter shit now. Big thanks to Kat, Alex and Naama for the foundations classes!


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