Tips and Tricks for EBC trek…

… from those who did not make it, I should add. But nevertheless these are some of our observations and experiences that might help those who want to pursue this adventure in the future.

Wear sunglasses
– invest in a nice pair, very useful in the harsh alpine sun and prevents snow blindness
Oakleys are always cool, although I did see someone wearing aviator Ray-Bans

Buy/wear a Buff
– helps keep moisture in the air you breath if worn over the mouth and nose
– helps keep out the dust as well
– prevents nasty sunburn on the face (Socs had sunburn on her nose because she did not wear the buff over her nose)

Get a Nepali headgear
– helps with the cold (especially if you are bald like me)
– helps the local economy (get the more ‘expensive’ ones, that are thicker and better made)
– it looks cool

Bring 3 pairs of good socks
– we highly recommend SmartWool socks
– 2 for trekking, 1 for sleeping/emergency (they will loose their fluff after days of constant use)

Get a good pair of gloves
– no matter what the guy in Slush and Mud tells you, you need a good pair of cold weather gloves
– you can bring your normal gloves, and layer with thick ones available locally in Nepal

Medium baselayers work best
– can be worn on its own in warmer days (just open up the zips if it gets too warm)
– keeps the warmth better when you stop for pictures or a drink (better than wasting energy getting on a jacket, then removing them when it gets warm again)

Other trek gear
– bring the correct size bag. Anything of 45L might be too big to comfortably carry (especially if you have a porter)
– trekking poles are highly recommended but still a personal preference

Camera gear
– bringing a tripod is optional, but since you can let the porter carry it then I say go for it
– bringing film camera is a personal preference. I haven’t developed the film from my Hasselblad yet so I am not sure if it is worth it in my case. Film always has that certain character that digital cameras do not have though.

wearing nearly all of our gear

wearing nearly all of our gear

Hire a guide/porter
– helps the local economy
– makes things a bit easier
– not too expensive as doing it on your own (although tipping does add to the cost)

Bring your own TP
– to wipe snot from your nose
– to wipe your bottom

– remember what your mum said… take your vitamins

– buy Snickers. Best power food ever
– order Dhal bhat. Free refills. ’nuff said.
– fried rice/noodles are tasty too
– try the thukpa (Nepali soup)
– order some mint tea as well (they might get you milk tea though hehe)
– go to Everest Bakery in Namche for the best apple pie

try the momo as well (fried or steamed)

try the momo as well (fried or steamed)


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