There’s still a little bit there.

I’m happy to find out that whatever strength I’ve worked on in the past is still there but some areas have definitely taken a noticeable beating from my absence.

Warm Up:  Ropes for 5:30

Strength:  Deadlift 5×3 (60kgs, 701RM)

AMRAP 7 minutes
5 wall balls
10 sit ups
5 toes to bar (3 knees to chest — or as high as possible)

I managed to do 60kgs on the 5 sets for the deadlifts and wanted to know what my 1RM is (again).  Couldn’t quite remember what my previous 1RM was so I settled for going to 70 after the 60 (found out just a few mins ago it was 75).  My lower back didn’t feel as strong or solid as it used to, but I’m happy that despite that, I managed 70kgs.  Can’t wait to try this out again in a few more weeks after I feel stronger.

As for what I’ve lost, well, I knew the toes to bar / chest to bar would be hard for me, but I was surprised that my situps were considerably weaker than before.  My core definitely needs work again.  I only managed 6 rounds + 5 wall balls and 6 situps.


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