I just had to

I remember the first time Allan made me use the “big boy” plates last year (1 each of the 15kg plates + 20kg bar), weeks into him teaching me the proper back squat form.  I’ve PR’d a little higher than that since then but have stopped crossfit for a significant time that I don’t feel I can do my previous 70kg 1RM.  However, I came in today wanting to find out.

Warm Up:  800m run + leg swings + arm circles + rollovers + wall squats

Strength:  Squats 5 x 5

6 Rounds for Time —
20 air squats
6 Hand Stand Push Ups (3 wall walks for me)

I started the squats with 20kg so I can make sure my form is still okay.  I then progressed to 30kgs and stepped up to 35 kgs for 4 sets.  On my fifth set, I had to ask Jody to spot for me as I wanted to go up on the weight.  The 35 for me was a bit of a struggle already on the 5th rep so I wasn’t sure how I’d do with more weight.  Still, I wanted to know my 1RM.

So I did 45kgs — ended up doing 3 reps.

And then I did 50kgs — ended up doing 3 reps.

And then I stopped there.  I was conscious that everyone was done and watching me, it was better to move on to the WOD.  Besides, my legs at this point were gone and we had to do more squats!

I managed to finish my 6 rounds in 6:07 minutes ( I think…oh no, now I can’t remember…).  Even though I was doing the wall walks, at one point I was barely doing any er, walk.  My hands just couldn’t move.

There’s so much more I need to work on!  I was progressing before we left, now I feel like I’m starting from scratch all over again.


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