Warm up
A collection of skip ropes, leg swings, boot strappers, 600m run and wall squats

5×5 Back Squat (65kgs / 45kgs)

5 rounds
7 Wall balls
10 Pull ups

My first WOD at Ronin Crossfit. We started off by warming up to a cool Irish morning and moved on to the strength component. 65kgs felt ok despite my previous back issues. I could have probably gone a bit higher but I am still on the mend and taking it slowly.

The WOD was great and I stormed through the first set of wall balls and pull ups, then my arm issues caught up with me on the 3rd and 4th round. My arms have been feeling like someone punched them real hard for a few days now. I might need to take it easy and relax with a nice warm bath. Overall though I felt great and finished the WOD in 6:57 with Socs at 6:59.

There Were Some Burps

Clean and Jerk

2-2-2-2-2 Clean and Jerk (60kgs, failed at 70kgs)
Add 10kgs to max C&J and do 2-2-2 High Pulls (80kgs)
3×5 Front Squats (50kgs cleaned from the floor)
Mix in strict pull-ups throughout

7 minute AMRAP
30 seconds max Burpees
30 seconds max KB swings (20kgs)

I was a little concerned that we were doing clean and jerks and front squats on the strength session as this combination was what probably did my back a few weeks ago. Thankfully, I got my groove back and my strength is coming back to me. I felt good on the 60kgs power clean and tried for 70kgs but failed, I think it was more to do with technique so that is promising. I know I can front squat more than 50 kgs but I decided to clean it from the floor and stayed safe on a light weight. Slow progression is fast progress.

I saw the previous class do the WOD and it looked fun and terrible at the same time. I didn’t push hard on the first 2 minutes and managed to pull out at least 10 reps each. On the middle part I could probably manage anywhere between 6-10 reps. I let everything out on the last minute and a half and managed to squeeze a few more reps. I felt a little ashamed that I was using only 20kgs when everyone else on the class was doing 24/25kgs, hopefully I made up with the reps. At least now I am back being comfortable with 20kgs, and maybe move on to the big bells soon.

Good thing I went to Colin’s class last Saturday which prepared me mentally on not stopping too much and just do the work. Andrew’s motivation during the WOD was quite helpful too.

On a side note, they are putting up a wall for wallballs next year. I am dreading that, but I gotta work on my weakness. They’ve also got military webbing for weighted whatever (runs, pull-ups, etc), it is going to be fun!

Dos Equis

Warm up
Pull ups
Push ups
Box jumps

3 Strict Shoulder Press every minute on the minute (35kgs)

5 rounds, 2 minutes of:
15 Dumbbell Thrusters (20kg)
10 burpees
Maximum Dumbbell hang power cleans
One minute rest

Score the number of dumbbell cleans.

So I as back on Saturday for a regular class and Colin actually posted the WOD early in the morning so I knew what I was getting into for the 11:30 class. I kept the weight relatively low on the strength session as I didn’t want to be too eager, I think I could have gone with 40kgs or even 45kgs (I think 45kgs was my 5RM before). My ultimate goal is to break that 50kg ceiling, it would be nice to know I can press a sack of rice (I’m Filipino, we think in terms of sacks of rice).

The WOD went well in the beginning as I cranked out 10 hang power cleans, unfortunately I had two big Xs on the next two rounds. I was getting a little disappointed and just told myself that I just had to do the work no matter what. It paid off and I managed to squeeze in 3 and 1 hang power cleans on the last two rounds. Pathetic, but as Colin mentioned, the WOD was a test of your mental toughness rather than anything. It was meant to try and keep working continuously for 2 minutes despite the suck factor of having two of my least favorite moves in the triplet.

Kat is Evil (Merry Christmas!)

3 rounds
15 KB swings (16kg)
10 GHD back extensions
5 Pull ups

5×3 Deadlifts (max 90kg)

50 Double unders buy in
Back Squat (40kgs)
Toes to bar
25 Burpees/KB swings (20kgs) alternating after each round
50 Double unders cash out

Kat was being particularly evil on this one. At first she didn’t give us chocolate, then she would eat them right in our faces, tempting us with the sweet tasty snacks, as we suffered through a terrible WOD. Then at the end of it all she made us crawl to get our ‘dirty little paws’ on the goodies.

Just kidding! It was actually a pretty good session and Kat was particularly festive as it was her last class for the next 2 weeks before she heads home to Slovakia for the holidays. I was quite surprised that I did relatively well on the deadlift and getting better technique on it.

While the components of the WOD were ok, the combination of it made things a little tricky. I kept it on the light side on the squats as my back and right ITB was a little tight, although I think I could have probably gone with 45 or 50kgs. The toes-to-bar got harder as time went by but I still managed to do them. The burpees and KB swings were the ones that really killed us, they just took the wind out of us and slowed us down a lot.

I didn’t finish the WOD (got up to 15 of the second set of burpees), but it feels good to be back on regular classes and not die. I still have a bit to go but at least I don’t feel like utter shit now. Big thanks to Kat, Alex and Naama for the foundations classes!

Tips and Tricks for EBC trek…

… from those who did not make it, I should add. But nevertheless these are some of our observations and experiences that might help those who want to pursue this adventure in the future.

Wear sunglasses
– invest in a nice pair, very useful in the harsh alpine sun and prevents snow blindness
Oakleys are always cool, although I did see someone wearing aviator Ray-Bans

Buy/wear a Buff
– helps keep moisture in the air you breath if worn over the mouth and nose
– helps keep out the dust as well
– prevents nasty sunburn on the face (Socs had sunburn on her nose because she did not wear the buff over her nose)

Get a Nepali headgear
– helps with the cold (especially if you are bald like me)
– helps the local economy (get the more ‘expensive’ ones, that are thicker and better made)
– it looks cool

Bring 3 pairs of good socks
– we highly recommend SmartWool socks
– 2 for trekking, 1 for sleeping/emergency (they will loose their fluff after days of constant use)

Get a good pair of gloves
– no matter what the guy in Slush and Mud tells you, you need a good pair of cold weather gloves
– you can bring your normal gloves, and layer with thick ones available locally in Nepal

Medium baselayers work best
– can be worn on its own in warmer days (just open up the zips if it gets too warm)
– keeps the warmth better when you stop for pictures or a drink (better than wasting energy getting on a jacket, then removing them when it gets warm again)

Other trek gear
– bring the correct size bag. Anything of 45L might be too big to comfortably carry (especially if you have a porter)
– trekking poles are highly recommended but still a personal preference

Camera gear
– bringing a tripod is optional, but since you can let the porter carry it then I say go for it
– bringing film camera is a personal preference. I haven’t developed the film from my Hasselblad yet so I am not sure if it is worth it in my case. Film always has that certain character that digital cameras do not have though.

wearing nearly all of our gear

wearing nearly all of our gear

Hire a guide/porter
– helps the local economy
– makes things a bit easier
– not too expensive as doing it on your own (although tipping does add to the cost)

Bring your own TP
– to wipe snot from your nose
– to wipe your bottom

– remember what your mum said… take your vitamins

– buy Snickers. Best power food ever
– order Dhal bhat. Free refills. ’nuff said.
– fried rice/noodles are tasty too
– try the thukpa (Nepali soup)
– order some mint tea as well (they might get you milk tea though hehe)
– go to Everest Bakery in Namche for the best apple pie

try the momo as well (fried or steamed)

try the momo as well (fried or steamed)