My first Hero

I suppose it had to happen one day.  Anyone who starts Crossfit can expect to meet the girl WODs and the Hero WODs.  I’ve had my share of the women workouts, but I’ve managed to evade the daunting Hero ones …. until today.

Warm Up:
600m run
leg swings, rollovers, arm swings, bear crawl, lunges, broad jumps

WOD:  “Badger”
3 Rounds for Time —
30 Squat Cleans (20.5kgs)
30 pull ups (band-assisted)
800m runs

I had no excuse to skip today’s workout as I have already missed Thursday and Friday.  I had promised myself and Allan that I would go today.  So when I saw what was in store, I was terrified, but I knew I had to go.  Honestly, a part of me was curious when I saw it was a Hero WOD.  Having never done one and having seen what was involved in most of them, I knew they were killer.  But I did want to know how I would manage one.  I only wished I tried this around 7 weeks ago, before I stopped Crossfit.  I was out of shape and yet faced with this….I was terrified.

But I survived!  I did have the beginnings of tunnel vision after the FIRST round…and I did feel like I was about to hurl my non existent breakfast halfway thru my SECOND round.  To be honest…I don’t know how I managed to finish it all.  My time was 38:15; slowest of them all, but a survivor still.

I still have mixed feelings about meeting another Hero….

(If you don’t know what Hero WODs are and would like to see the list of workouts, check the CF site here)


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