Because one ‘T’ is not enough

Functional movements of cleaning up after the previous class. Has to be done within 1 minute.
KB swing tabata 16Kgs

Work up to 5RM in 5 sets of Deadlifts (max at 75Kgs)

Hero WOD – ‘Nutts’ teams of 2 (1 person work at a time, rotate every 30secs)
20 Hand Stand Push ups
30 Deadlifts 75Kgs
50 Box Jumps
100 Pull ups
200 Wall Ball shots
400 Double Unders (3 unbroken singles to count as a DU)
800m run with 20kgs as a pair (400m with 10kgs per person)

I’ve always been a little scared on going to Tom’s class as he’s known to be a ball buster coach with really tough WODs. Although I would definitely want to try out his classes, I just didn’t want to be thrown in the deep end a week after being out for a month. But I had to man up yesterday as the schedule didn’t quite work out as I wanted. And my concerns where not misplaced when I saw the WOD on the board.

But before that we had a nice warm up with clearing all the bars, plates and boxes from the previous class. It was cool seeing people running around with a purpose. The tabata left me breathing a little heavy but I made sure I still had gas left in the tank.

So off to the WOD then. We started out strong with me pulling off nearly all of the HSPUs. My buddy finished that off and we went on to tackle deadlifts. I am not sure if I did a bit more than him, but that was ok because on the pull ups and wallballs he contributed a lot. I was little girl weak and started using a blue and red band but even then I could only pump out maybe 5 at a time.

I did manage to bring us back into the game with the single unders. This was my best performance on singles and I was pumping out huge numbers in record time. Hopefully this should translate to awesome double unders next time out.

We finished off with the sandbag run and finished with a total time of 49 minutes. We sort of felt a bit heroic after that.


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