Thanks for all the fish

Before we start re-living our trek in Nepal (and sorting through all the pictures and notes), I would like to extend a big thank you to the following:

Crossfit London UK – for whipping us into shape

Proudly wearing our CF UK Shirts

Proudly wearing our CF UK Shirts. I'd point out Everest in the background but I'm not sure if it made please Allan

Ronin Crossfit – for whipping Socs into shape in Dublin

International Adventure Treks & Expeditions – for all the support during the trek

With Our Team

With Our Team - Dil, our porter and Ang Dawa, our guide

The North Face – for providing excellent gear to the market for us to purchase and use

Vodafone, HTCFacebook and Twitter – for the wonders of technology in helping us share our experiences with the world (or a bit of it)

Our family and friends for the words of encouragement they have provided.


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