Not bulletproof

Ever since I got into this whole fitness thing I’ve been scouring the intarwebs for resources and inspiration. One of the sites I frequent to had an article or blog (I forgot) that explains their programming and philosophy. One of the key points was training their clients to be ‘bulletproof’. Basically getting them strong enough, and fit enough so that whatever gets thrown at them in the real world (most of their clients were professional athletes/military of some sort). This meant working on their weaknesses and having a solid and transferable strength base. I’ve always liked that idea and try to keep that in mind.

I think I was doing pretty well and was quite ready to bring it up a notch, until probably a month ago. Recently I’ve had a mild concussion, tore my callus, and bit my tongue badly (don’t ask… its pretty stupid). My right leg/knee has been acting up recently, and my lower back is not feeling 100%. With a few days until our trip to Nepal, I am getting a bit worried.

I am not switched on mentally, and I need to when heading outdoors in the Himalayas. I can’t eat as much as I can, and I need to to fuel my body during the ascent. My legs are not 100% and I need them to be carry my up and down the mountains.

Hopefully I can get things sorted soon. I am rolling off a project at the end of the week, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The nurse/doctor said that the tongue is the fastest healing part of the human body and should be ok in a few weeks, so that is quite comforting. And I probably just need to work on self massage using tennis balls to alleviate any tightness in my leg and back.

Needless to say I’m feeling anxious and vulnerable, I guess I should listen to my favorite quote: “Keep calm and carry on”


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