It’s Not a Competition (But I Won!)

This probably won’t happen again, so I must celebrate this extremely rare moment and brag to everyone that I BEAT ALLAN TODAY! 😀


5 mins Squats  (135, 127)
4 mins Box Jumps (green box 52, blue box 53)
3 mins Lunges (51,74)
2 mins Pistol squats (26, 22)
1 min Jumping Squats (21,20)

“After Party”:
Tabata Push Ups (20 secs on, 10 secs off)
Ladder Pull Ups (1 rep on the 1st minute, 2 on the 2nd and so on…for 10 minutes)

The idea is to count the number of reps done for each and the total for all is your “score” for the WOD.  Yes, people, I beat Allan!! There really is no need to blog anything else is there? 😀

However, the point of the blog is to keep track of what I felt about the workout, so I will continue….I started out quite slowly since I knew it would be really taxing on the legs.  I went slow on my squats and especially slow on the box jumps as my legs were too stiff at that point.  I did feel them significantly loosen up towards the end and that could be why I had little problem with my lunges.  The lunges were surprisingly the “easiest” of them all, I managed to just keep going one leg after another and my rep count just went up.  My pistols squats were wobbly as expected and the jumping squats… lets just say I felt like I was jumping higher than I actually was.

I’m dreading how the legs will feel tomorrow, but this might be what we needed at this stage.  We’ve one week left and then its EBC baby!!!


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