October 2, 2010

Today is our first church wedding anniversary (not to be confused with our ‘actual’ wedding anniversary), and Socs and I celebrated it by going to Crossfit London UK for couple of hours. That looks to be our idea of fun these days.

Andrew decided to set-up a new class schedule wherein you are just free to have a go at improving your strength on anything. So here’s what we did:

Negative pull-ups
Negative ring dips
Deadlift (75kg 1RM)
Kipping technique

Weighted pull-ups
Weighted ring dips
Muscle ups
Deadlift (110kgs 3RM)

Socs wanted to work on her pull-ups and handstands so we tried to get her do her single pull-up. We tried doing kips and see if she can pull one out of the bag but it still eluded her, she is getting pretty close though. She was also able to stay at the upside down position for quite a bit, huge thanks to Kat for providing the right cues in getting inverted. And given that 2 hours is quite a long time, we had time in trying for a new 1RM on the deadlift. A new PR of 75kgs on that one.

I wanted to work on my pull-ups and ring dips, as I feel I am getting a little weak on those movements so I decided to try and do 2-3 reps of weighted pull-ups/ring dips. They did feel quite good even with the added weight (10kgs I think). I was also trying to keep the hollow position during the movements to strengthen my core as well. Feeling pretty good, and envious of Cameron, I decided to give muscle ups a go. I’ve done one muscle up before and I wanted to see if I am still able to do it, and do it properly. I think I was able to do 3 with a good bit of rest in between tries. Muscle ups are definitely fun to do. As for the deadlift, I think I burned myself out before going for the 1RM. But at least I was able to lift my previous 1RM weight three times.

We finished the day with double under practice… and a chorizo burger in Borough market 🙂


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