Crossfitters are afraid of the dark

1/2 Tabata Bottom to Bottom squat (rest at bottom of squat)
1/2 Tabata KB Swings (16Kgs)

5-5-3-3-1-1 Front Squat (85kg max)

15 minute AMRAP
400m row
7 Squat Clean Thrusters 45kg
5 Strict pull-ups

The WOD was supposed to be 20 minutes and with 400m run. However as I was leading the pack it was just not going to happen. At first I couldn’t see the gate to the park, that was a good sign. Once in the park, I knew there was a tree somewhere along the path but I just couldn’t see anything. So we high tailed back to sub the run with rows.

It took a bit of time to set up the rowers so Kat brought it down to 15 minutes. Which was a good thing, because the rowers added a bit of a challenge, but it was still a lot of work. I was particularly concerned with the squat clean thrusters. Yep, it was a squat clean and then straight on to the thruster as one movement. Although I was quite proud of myself for doing the recommended weight of 45kgs. It was heavy so I just chipped away at it one at a time. Next time, I will work on stringing things together with the RX’d weight.

For now, I am quite happy I did 3 rounds plus 3 squat clean thrusters. All that after a new front squat PR! Yahoo!


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