Which Witch?

It was another day for another Girl WOD and yes, this one was a real Witch as well.

Warm Up:
200m run + 2 rounds of — 10 dislocates, 10 rollovers, 10 bootstrappers, 10 squats + 200m run

5 Rounds for Time
400m run
30 box jumps (20″)
30 wall balls (14 lbs)

Someone just posted on the Ronin Wall that this should be renamed “Hell-y” — that sounds just about right.  I knew beforehand that it would be tough for me to finish 5 rounds even with a cap of 40 minutes.  So I decided to scale down and do 4 rounds. I was making up for it by making sure that I jumped all my box jumps and that I still tried for height on my wall balls. Tried to pace myself, but I found myself stopping every 15 jumps and every 10 wall balls.  I eventually got my 4 rounds at 28:12.  If I had attempted a 5th round, I would have probably compromised my jumps and the wall ball height and still not finish before 40 minutes. Overall, happy with it, especially as its my first encounter with Helly, er, Kelly.

On other news, I got a complimentary Metcon5 journal for capturing the best pain face from Crossfit Ireland i8 yay!  I’ve browsed through it and it’s real serious progress tracking tool.  Now I need to really define clear goals and stick to them — no more hiding!


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