That’s What I Get

Warm Up:

200m run
3 rounds of — 10 dislocates, 10 rollovers, 10 bootstrappers

Overhead Squat 2,2,2,2 (30kgs)

Push Press (25 kgs)
Box Jumps
Double Double Unders (Singles: 63,45,27)

Another PR today!  Nic and I were sharing a bar, and we worked up to 30kgs for the Strength bit.  I’ve not done a lot of Overhead Squats, but certainly happy we pushed for that weight.

The Push Press was definitely the toughest part of the WOD for me.  On the first round I was tempted to throw down the bar on my 15th rep to rest.  But I just told myself, it was only 21 and then the next set will be for less, so I should just stick with it.  Managed to go through until the end of the 21, but I did drop the bar at 10 for the set of 15.  I didn’t mind that I had to clean it off the floor again, I just needed a break.

And then of course, there was the box jump incident.  I’ve mentioned before that I had a fear of box jumps.  I always imagined my foot getting caught on the edge of the box and my shins would hit the box.  Since Crossfit though, I’ve managed to overcome that fear and really only think of the fatigue and the stamina needed to keep jumping along with the speed that I do the jumps.  Today I was feeling confident enough to try a variation that will make my reps go faster.  I was working on the full extension on top of the box and then using that to push off the box and jump back on the floor.  It did make me go faster and I was happy with it.  Until my left leg got caught.  The next thing I knew, my left shin hit the box and the box moved forward a bit.  Good thing I didn’t hit it that hard.  After a quick check to make sure it was only minor, I went back to my box jumps — this time just focusing on doing them one at a time.  I finished the WOD at 7:18.

Sometimes, being too comfortable with something makes you lose focus.  Just because I can jump on the box doesn’t mean the risk isn’t there.  Next time, I will make sure every jump is right.  Otherwise, this little bruise might turn into something worse.

So here you are folks, my first ever box jump-related injury (if you can’t see it, its the slight discolored line on my leg…no? Still can’t see it?  Well, I can feel it so I know its there :p)

just a little bruise

just a little bruise


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