Notting Hill Carnival 2011

For the longest time, Notting Hill to me was just a movie — a personally well-liked movie but still just a movie nonetheless.  This year when we first visited London, we had a chance to wander about the markets and found that it also has some really nice looking homes.  Of course when we started to researching places to rent when Allan was moving, we found out that they all came with a price — and it was way, waaaaaayy beyond the budget.

Last September, we heard about the Notting Hill Carnival — a yearly festival where people fill the streets to get a glimpse of the floats (they were more like trucks with massive sound systems rather than floats really) with their legion of colorfully dressed revelers, move in the unmistakably Caribbean booty-shakin’ way and to indulge in Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  Booze of course is expected, this is England after all.

We dropped by on a Sunday afternoon after our workout so naturally we were starving.  I don’t know if it was from hunger, but I wasn’t as impressed.  True, the music was there and yes, the colours were there too.  But honestly, I’ve seen happier dancers and more colourful costumes during Sinulog festival.  Admittedly, there were groups that were really feeling it (particularly the “chocolate” group — they were throngs of chocolate covered revelers dancing) and you get caught up in the spirit of things.  But I just thought there would be more.  I did enjoy the jerk chicken though  — Ironically, we bought them from a stand manned by Filipinos!

It was a great experience, if we were to go again, we’d probably research when the most “happening” day is (I heard its on the Monday) and go then.  I don’t have a lot of photos from this as I didn’t see a lot of colour (and I was starving!), but do drop by my flickr site for the handful that I have.


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