Fight back

400m run

Medicine Ball cleans

2x 400m run

Find 1RM Press (45kgs-4reps, 50kgs no rep)

5 rounds, 3 min AMRAP, 1min rest in between rounds
3 Power Clean (45kgs)
6 Push Ups
9 Squats

The last WOD left me in a bad state. I may have had a mild concussion and took it easy for the past week. I’m still not feeling 100% but after today’s workout I am feeling positive.

I’d have to say sorry for the folks on the 12:30 class as I think I may be the reason for the two 400m run penalty handed to us by Tom. There was no urgency in getting the bars set up, so a 400m run was handed. Then it took us a good couple of minutes to do it, so we were handed another 400m run and had to finish it in 90 seconds. Pressure on me. I pushed hard, was still the last guy to finish but did it (with time to spare?). I guess now I know I can run 400m at a better pace than I normally do.

I was dreading the strict press a bit given the head-bar issue last time out, but surprisingly felt strong so decided to push a bit. I failed at doing a 1RM at 50kgs, but was able 4 reps of 45kgs is a good indicator. I may have went up to 50kgs too quickly (did it before 45kgs).

I think I like the WOD today, even though I was apprehensive being out for nearly a week. But the weight and rep scheme felt just right. I could feel my legs burn a bit so had to split the squats into threes. I managed a pretty consistent number of reps through the five rounds:

Round 1 – 3x + 4 squats
Round 2 – 3x + 3 power clean
Round 3 – 3x + 6 push ups
Round 4 – 3x + 3 power clean
Round 5 – 3x + 3 power clean


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