Catching Up

I’ve been lazy and didn’t blog about my last two workouts.  I need to do it today, otherwise I’m making it three unblogged workouts and next thing you know, I won’t be blogging at all!  So…here are the last three workouts in order (I hope I remember them right)

Warm Up Sessions for all three:
Mix of runs, wall squats, back extensions, dislocates and leg swings


Skill:  Power Cleans
WOD:  5 rounds of —
Max Push Ups (10 reps min)
Max Pull Ups (4 reps min, blue band)
200m sprint
“Finisher”: 1500m row (per team)


Skill: Handstand holds
Strength:  Squat Clean (30 kg)
WOD: 7 minutes AMRAP —
7 hang power cleans (15 kg)
10m handstand walk

S-WOD (Strength WOD)
Deadlift 3,3,3,3 (55kg)
Strict Press 3,3,3,3,3 (25kg x 3, 27.5kg, 30 kg)

It really is different if you don’t blog everyday, I feel compelled to write down everything I thought pre, during and post workouts…but I won’t.  Otherwise, even Allan would get bored reading it.  I will instead list down the major thoughts I had for these workouts:

  • I am still amazed how I can do Power Cleans properly now.  I remember a year ago when Allan first started teaching me how to “clean” the bar, my back was sore for almost a full week as I did it wrong.  I just couldn’t get the proper movement in my head.
  • While I have more push ups now, I want to be able to go lower to the floor without actually touching the ground.  Half of the reps I did were hand release push ups, so I was on the floor for a second before pushing off.  At least I still managed to keep my mid section strong throughout.
  • By the 3rd or 4th round of max pull-ups, I could only do 4 even with the blue band.  I started happily enough with an 8, but just couldn’t keep it up.  If I want to get that one strict pull up by the end of the year, I have to step it up a bit!
  • Handstands!!! I couldn’t even kick off properly and let myself lean against the wall (while upside down).  I got as far as kicking both feet up, twice almost high enough for them to fall back against the wall, but I stopped it.   I need to let go and just let it happen ….but I think I need major coaching first.  Allan! Get yourself over here!  Need some hand-holding before I conquer the fear for this one….please? (eyelashes batting at this point)
  • I think I’ve gone significantly high on the deadlift, I’m curious to see what my new 1RM is for this one.
  • PR on strict presses again!  Went up to 30kgs on my last set for the strict press, that’s the highest I’ve ever done so far.  Again, curious to see what my 1RM here will be.  I think I need to stay during one of the open gym sessions and just try it out one day, that should stop me wondering for a while at least.

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