EBC Gear Series 6: Survival, Hydration and other gear

2x Lifesystems thermal blanket
2x Black Diamond Gizmo headlamp
1x Lifesystems Adventurer first aid kit
1x Lifesystems water purification kit
2x Paracord bracelet
4x Carabiners (non load bearing)

Given that we are heading into the wilderness for 3 weeks certain precautions are in order. Thermal blankets for emergencies, either out in the wild or in the lodge if it gets absurdly cold. Headlamps for nightly use. First aid kit, which despite its obvious purpose is our first time to own one. Water purification droplets to prevent us from getting sick from the water. Paracord bracelets to serve as emergency shoelaces and used for general purposes as needed (our total length is around 32 feet I think). Carabiners to hold and hang stuff off our bags when needed.

2x Nalgene 1L bottles
2x Platypus BigZip 2L bladders

We need as much water as we can drink to prevent and alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness. Hydration is survival and 3L should hopefully be enough for the duration of the day’s trek.

2 pairs Trekmates Peak Walker trekking poles
1x Philippine flag
1x Spyderco Adventura knife

We’ve never really used terkking poles before so we got these cheap ones as a starting point and see how it goes. They say these things can help out a lot, we’ll post our own opinions on this after the trek. Philippine flag to represent. It may also serve as an emergency blanket as it is made of silk. I’m bringing my trusty Spyderco knife as well as my standard cutting tool. I’ve been carrying this for some time and has been useful in various situations.

There are things still to bring and we will probably provide a final list prior to leaving. We haven’t listed the toiletries yet and we’re bound to add a few more items on our bags.


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