Digging Deep

Today was all about finding the strength to go on…I struggled to get to 25 reps and stopped, short of breath.  I had 125 more reps to go…

Warm Up:
Usual rounds of runs, dislocates,squats with some back extensions and medicine ball squats


150 reps  for time Wall Balls (14lbs)

I tried to do reps of 10 at a time, but only really managed 7/8/5 and sometimes 3 at a time. Towards my 50th rep, I was started to seriously doubt if I could go on, and briefly imagined a DNF (Did Not Finish) next to my name on the board. It wasn’t a pretty picture so I pushed on.

I would catch the ball and allow the weight to make me sink down into a squat, using that as preparation as well to explode up.  I eventually finished at 12:44 HOWEVER every throw, including the ones where I would almost jump up to exert strength, did not seem to be hitting the target mark (10 feet?) on the wall.  I think the upper edge of the ball was almost, but not quite hitting the lower edge of the wide line. So, if we’re being strict, I had 150 No Reps 😦
I’ll settle for “Karen, not RX’d” and chalk this one up to experience.


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