3 rounds
10 Pull-ups
10 Back extension
10 Sit-ups
10 Ring dips

Front Squats
2-2-2-2-2-2-2 70kgs
2 min rest in between sets

Death by Sandbags
10meter 10kg sandbag = 1 shuttle
Start at 7 shuttles, add 1 shuttle for every minute thereafter
workout ends when one cannot do specified number of shuttles within the minute

Today was another warm-up that felt like a WOD, in fact everything felt like a WOD. Our strength session today was a little bit more structured in terms of rest periods and a fixed weight. I know my 2RM on the fronts squats from last Monday was an 80kgs but I wasn’t sure if I could do it 7 times. So I opted to do the strength session at 70kgs. I’m not sure if I should have gone up since the 7 rounds felt relatively easy (meaning the effort wasn’t at complete maximum). If the objective was to engage some neurological stuff I think I got it.

I was quite inspired by the efforts of Tom on the previous class on the WOD so I was looking forward to this one. I’m not sure what happened but we stopped at 14 or 13 shuttles, I think I was approaching my limit there anyway but still wanted to push myself and see if I can get anywhere near Tom’s 18 shuttles. It would have been fun to see where I got, but I guess I’ll have to reserve myself for Sunday. Oh yes Sunday…


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