Rush Post

I failed to post anything for yesterday’s workout so I’m trying to make up for it now.

Warm Up:
Three rounds of
200m run
15 wall squats
15 dislocates
5 bootstrappers

“Burgener Warm Up” / Snatch technique

30 Snatches for time (18kgs)

Tabata (20secs work, 10secs rest)
8 rounds push-ups (6 reps)
8 rounds sit ups (7 reps)

I think this must’ve been what we were preparing for last Saturday.  For the first time ever, I get to incorporate Snatches into the WOD.  Actually, its the only thing that needed to be done for the WOD!  

Since they post the workouts in the morning, I had the whole day to contemplate how much weight I was going to go for.  Keeping in mind that my 1RM so far is 25kgs and that I need to do 30 reps, I figured that a humble 18kgs would do.  I finished 30 in 2:33.  I could probably have gone higher on the weight and possibly taken longer but I’ve come to realize that this is typical post workout musing.  It’s done and I was happy with it, next time I know I can go higher on the Snatch.

Technique wise, I’m not sure.  Eamonn did say that I was a little too jerky on the movements so I guess I have to catch that next time.  I’m just happy that I’m not that afraid of the Snatch anymore :).


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