What’s Yours Isn’t Mine

You’d think that I know that by now.   Actually, I do.   But sometimes I slip, I’m only human.  Yesterday’s workout felt a little bit weird for me.  I normally start by dreading the whole thing but I always end up happy with the results — even if I didn’t do too well.  You know, exercise and endorphins and all that.  Yesterday after the workout I felt…well, okay.  My results weren’t bad.  They were…okay. 

When I spoke to Allan about it last night, we arrived at the conclusion that it might have something to do with my own mindset before I started.  Normally, before a workout, I try to set little goals for myself.  I remember once, my goal was to make sure that every single burpee I did was right.  It didn’t matter how many rounds I did overall, I just wanted better burpees.  Last night though, I looked at the WOD and I told myself,  most of the guys here fly at burpees.  And that was it, no other goal set.  I had that little thought in my head the whole time, mocking me.  Maybe it made me finish the first bit faster?  Probably so, but still, I don’t feel any achievement out of it.  I think my self-created mocking voice made me feel insecure with the latter part of the workout too, as I ended up using green bands for the pull-ups when I should have stayed with the blue.  I doubted my ability so much, I only gave the blue band two reps and then switched to green for the remaining reps and rounds.

It’s not the best feeling, this it-was-okay feeling post workout.  I love feeling absolutely fried yet happy to have achieved something afterwards.  I must remember that my thoughts before a workout  should focus on what I want to achieve for myself, rather than what everyone else can do.  We all have our own goals and we’re all at different levels, I should not feel bad for where I am right now.  I should feel good at what I’m doing to get where I want to be.

I had 5:50 for the first bit of the WOD and had 2 rounds + 21 squats + 15 sit ups on the second for this one.

Warm Ups

600 m run
2 rounds of —
shoulder dislocates
10 squats
10 boostrappers
end with: 200m run

WOD A:  
7 minute cap for 21-15-9
KB Swings (12 kgs)

5 minutes AMRAP —
21 squats
15 sit ups
9 pull-ups (green band)


Hollow Body position and Handstand push-up progressions


One thought on “What’s Yours Isn’t Mine

  1. One of the few bad things I have found with Crossfit is that as we progress we improve and the bar gets set that much higher and we constantly expect improvement. If we don’t reach our new lofty goals, we often get disappointed. Sometimes you just need to look back at a log you’ve recorded or an old WOD time to realise how far you have actually come.

    I still remember coaching you at Beginners and you’ve made massive improvements since then. Don’t get down if you have an average/bad day!

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