Philthy 50

5 reps each of
Wall balls
Back Extension
Jumping pull-ups
Knees to elbows
Box jumps
Walking lunges
Push press
KB swing
Double unders

Filthy Fifty
50 reps each of the exercises above

Ticking the boxes one at a time

In honor of Phil leaving and to celebrate Kate’s 50th birthday our workout was Filthy Fifty. I had an inclination of this based on an entry on the Crossfit London UK blog but that didn’t make any difference whatsover on any level. So with a few rounds on each station to get a feel of the exercises, we were on to a long slog.

Unsurprisingly most of us opted to do the burpees first, then it was free for all. I believe my sequence was burpees-box jumps-back extension-wall balls-jumping pull ups-walking lunges-knees to elbow-push press-kb swings-double unders. I think I had a pretty good pace doing 10s and 5s a set to chip away at 500reps in total (actually 600 since I had to do 150 single unders instead). I finished around 45 minute mark, losing time on the knees to elbow and push press a bit but was feeling strong on the last set of the kb swings surprisingly. I could have probably sequenced the exercises a little better but at least I finished it. So goodluck Phil and Happy Birthday Kate! That one was for both of you 🙂

Cupcakes and bumper plates

After freshening up a bit it was on to the celebrations! Food and booze galore. We had everything on offer softdrinks, wine, beer, champagne, crisps, brownies, cupcakes, a birthday cake, sausages, hamburgers, chicken, salad, choice delicatessen and sisig! Yes, I brought along a favorite Filipino food to share with my Crossfit friends. I’m very happy that it had a good reception to those who tried it. Phil even got a new PB (I think) with 36(?) strict pull-ups on the pull-up competition. I should have probably had a bite of it as well as I only managed 11 pull-ups (with 2 beers in me though). Good job to all those who participated, with special mention to Jenny who was wearing a dress!

Pull up competition

The festivities was shifted to a nearby pub with probably a good 15 Crossfitters having a pint (or two), making new friends and just enjoying each other’s company. It was a long tiring day but I had great fun. For those who might be interested in the sisig recipe just leave a comment and I can email it or I can try and create a separate post.


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