Well that was fast.

Warm Up
Three rounds of —

200m run
5 wall squats
10  bootstrappers
5 rollovers
10 arm circles

Snatch progressions (PVC / 8 kgs)

Double Unders
Sit Ups
Wall Balls (14)

When the session started this morning I was thankful for the three rounds of warm up that we had to do as I was feeling quite stiff.  The board said we’d be doing 1RM Snatch so I was excited for two reasons:

1 – I don’t know what my 1RM is for a Snatch yet
2 – A snatch is one of the (many) moves that I’m not yet fully comfortable with

We did some really good progressions for the Snatch and worked quite extensively with the PVC pipe and then on to the 8kg bar.  I wanted to try and move up to a 15 and then eventually work up to my 1RM but I misunderstood and I didn’t get to go higher on the weight.  It was straight on to preps for the WOD when I realized that snatches were done.  And then yet again, I was caught a bit surprised as I was trying out wall balls when they started the countdown.  I didn’t even get a chance to ask if I should do x2 or x3 of the reps since I can’t do full Double Unders yet so I hurriedly did x3 on my first round.  That turned out to be more than what I had to do as I should’ve done just x2 so I did that for the 2nd and 3rd round.  I felt like I was still catching up after being caught by surprise and the next thing I knew — WOD was done.  I did it in 6:16 and I was the last one to finish.  Can you tell I’ve not had my coffee yet when this happened?  Must be more alert next time.

I did get to stay behind a little bit though and did my negative pull ups.  I think my time is getting better there so fingers crossed, I’m on my way to getting a strict pull up.  Plus I kept working on my snatch — yes, I just had to.  I had it in my head that I was going to go past 20 for my 1RM because I’m sure I was playing around that weight when I was learning it in London.  After just a high pull on my first attempt, I eventually did my Snatch 1RM at 25kgs Yaaaayyyy!!!  I reckon I could’ve probably added 2.5 kgs to that, but as I’m not too comfortable with the movement yet and I’m not 100% sure that my form is right, I was happy with the 25kgs — for now.

Thanks Eamonn and Jody for the great Snatch tips!


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