The Spirit was willing…

…but the flesh / mind / lungs / legs were weak.  Today’s workout involved a variation of something I used to fear but have recently conquered.  The added twist to it meant the fear crept right back in.  There is never a dull day with Crossfit.  There are always PRs to break, more weight to lift, higher boxes to jump…it seems endless.  Yet even after you’ve gotten over those, there’s always the option to do them inverted, weighted or to do more in a shorter period of time. Whew.

Warm Up
Skip rope 3 mins
3 rounds of —
Leg Swings (front/back and sideways)
5 rollovers
5 bootstrappers

2 X 5 minute AMRAP of —
10 90 degree box jumps
25m band-resisted sprint
3 power cleans (25kgs)

Looking at the workout, my main concern was the 90 degree box jump.  I feared them long ago and today I had to jump, rotate mid air and make sure that I landed squarely on the box.  How was I going to do that?  I tried once before the WOD and realizing I could do it, I mentally talked myself into doing 4 rounds for each of the 5 minutes.

I cheered on my partner Olivia as we were doing this in pairs and each person would do the first 5 minute AMRAP before switching places, still mentally bracing myself all the time.  I wanted to get a good round of reps in for sure.  When my turn came I did the best I could for the jumps, but each one involved quite a bit of prep.  I would coach myself for a few seconds before each jump.  Following that up with a sprint where one person is holding you back can totally sap your strength.  In the end, I was 3 power cleans short of 4 rounds on the first AMRAP.

And then there’s the break when your partner does her second 5 minute AMRAP.  Hmmm…if I’ve given it my all on the first 5 minutes, then I have very little left right?  For my second round, I took longer breaks to catch my breath, I ended up with 3 rounds + 7 box jumps.

Looking back now that I’m at home resting, aiming for 4 rounds in each of the 5 minutes meant I had a little over a minute for each, with little to no rest at all.  I’m sure the real elite Crossfitters can handle that easily…but for someone like me, that’s a major feat.  However, wanting it in the first place may have driven the 3+ and 3+ result I had in the end, so maybe aiming high isn’t too bad?

sweat angel

Allan has posted one of his before, but this sweat angel's mine 🙂


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