I’m sorry, was I supposed to think of a more creative title?  Well, I have none.  This is the only statement that springs to mind.  Today’s session at Ronin had a birthday gift in the form of an Olympic Barbell.

Warm Up:
5 mins of skip rope + double under practice
3 rounds of —
10 leg swings (Left and Right)
10 bootstrappers
10 arm swings
10 wall squats

Strict Press 4-4-4-4-4 (30kgs)
Max Pulls Ups x 3  (blue band)
Tabata Hollow Body Hold

Today is a day for another PR! (Insert Title here)  I did my last 2 sets of 4 reps of strict press using 30kgs! (Insert Title here)  Last year when Allan was just teaching me how to execute a press, I struggled with 25 kgs and if I stop for about a week or so, I would struggle even with the 20kg.  Well goodbye 20s, I can now do 30kgs! (Insert Title here)  Of course that’s my 4RM  but still… (Insert Title here)

Sporting a new Ronin Wall

Sporting a new Ronin Wall


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