EBC Gear Series 4: Miscellaneous clothing

1 pair Outdoor Research PL base gloves
1 pair Marks and Spencer gloves
1 Polar buff
1 Sea to Summit trek towel

1 pair Outdoor Research PL base gloves
1 pair Thinsulate gloves
1 Original buff
1 Lifeventure trek towel

Aside from the standard tops and bottoms, we are also bringing a few miscellaneous items of clothing. Apparently the combination of the altitude and minimal cloud cover means that the risk of sunburn is quite high. So we bought a pair of Outdoor Research liner gloves each for this main reason. We decided that using this in conjunction with our standard ‘city gloves’ should provide us with the flexibility with warmer or colder days.

We’ve got buffs as well which is a nice piece of kit. It is basically a tube of cloth that can be used in a variety of ways such as a headgear, face mask, and neck warmer. These should come in useful on the dusty lower altitudes as well as up in the colder altitudes.

We’re also bringing trek towels, which are lighter and thinner than your bathroom variety but absorbs as much if not more water. I’ve had mine for a while and was used primarily for the gym but has been with me on most of my travels. It’s not as if we’ll be doing much showering in the mountains, but it will prove useful for the occasional wash and just in case we get drenched for some reason. It can also be used as added layering or blanket during really cold nights.


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