Making my taxes work

I just came from my GP (general practitioner) and got a couple of jabs for our upcoming trip to Nepal. Of course being a big bad Crossfitter I won’t say it hurt 🙂

The whole getting immunization business was pretty painless (pun intended). I booked an appointment with the doctor for consultation, booked another appointment for the injections and that was it. It was quick, easy and best of all free! I just love this whole NHS thing. No falling in line for an HMO accredited doctor and no emptying your wallet for all sorts of fees and medicines. I understand that we may need to pay for some services (not quite sure on this), but all I did on my last 2 visits was book online, come in, go out. That was it. I felt like I was cheating on the clinic by not paying or anything. Our UK resident readers can chime in if I needed to visit the reception before leaving… this stuff is really quite foreign to me.


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