Easy day

Hip mobility

Front Squat 3-3-3-3 (70kgs, 35kgs)
Ring Dip practice in between sets

4 Round Tabata skipping

4 Rounds
10 KB swings (24kgs, 16kgs)
15 Knees to elbow / Knee raises
20 Double Unders (or attempts)

It has been a while since we’ve done front squats (in fact, I don’t think we’ve done front squats since I joined Crossfit London UK). I guess the closest I got was doing squat cleans and I was able to do 65kgs then. So I guess this is a new personal best? 70kgs felt ok, I could have pushed a little more if it came to it but it might not be as clean as I would like it to be. We also did some ring dip practices and I got some pretty good techniques for the next time out.

Phillip decided to give us a break today and gave us an ‘easy workout’. It looked easy enough, but I new something in there might hurt. The 24kg swings was heavy but not too bad, it was the knees to elbows (KTE) and double unders that kicked me. I was doing ok with the knees to elbows at first, but around the 3rd round I was losing it and had a number of ‘no-reps’ on the last round. I was doing the KTEs somewhat strict on the first 2 rounds as I have been having problems controlling them on the way down in the past, I may have even managed one accidental toes to bar (which was the recommended movement). I definitely need to work on this one, but I am quite happy with this round.

I’ve also managed to string a few decent single unders during the pre-WOD and caught myself doing a few double unders during the WOD. Joy! I finished the WOD in 15:29 and Socs did it sub 15 minutes.


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