I Bet You Think this Post is About You (actually it’s about me)

Allan’s been doing most of the posts recently.  Just can’t seem to find enough creative ways to describe all of those high intensity workouts.  Each WOD kills me and revives me at the same time.  However, it’s time to give an update on me.

First things first, I had reason to mix work with personal reasons to travel back to London two weeks ago, so before the trip, I just had to shed some weight.  Hair on my head weight.  Yes, I finally cut my hair short again!  This was my second attempt since after the wedding to convince a stylist to chop off my hair and this time it worked.  Voila!  Less hair = happier me.

me with short hair

And my second news, two of the bad ass women trainers at Crossfit London UK have now both mentioned me in their blog entries…woohooo!! Kate had previously rewarded my first ever Women’s session with a special mention and most recently, Sally notes my PB in this entry.   If I can be half as bad ass as they are, then I’d be happy.

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