Time space warp

10 KB snatches right arm (16kgs, 12kgs)
400m run
10KB snatches left arm

Push Jerk 5-3-1-1-1 (70kgs, 40kgs)

8 min AMRAP (4 rounds+7 swings, 3 rounds+6 snatches)
10 Jump squats
10 KB swings (20kgs, 12kgs)
5 KB snatch each arm
400m run
8 min AMRAP (6 rounds, 5 rounds)
10 Box jumps
10 Push-ups
1 min Max burpee pull-ups (6, 4)

This was a good one. The warm-ups were quite good and even with the run it didn’t completely gas me out. The strength session was quite an eye opener especially for Socs. She did a pretty decent 40kgs easy. From this point forward she knows she can push jerk a little more than 40kgs. I think I could have gone a little bit more as this was a strength session, while I was able to bring 70kgs up relatively easily it would have been nice to see how far I can go on this lift.

The WOD was quite an experience. The first 2 minutes went by fast, the next minute got lost somewhere and I just slogged through the next 5. Then on to the run… oh the run. I was the last one to finish, then it was straight on to another 8 minutes of work. At this point I was a bit gassed, I missed one box jump so I really had to concentrate at this point. I had a bit of push from Sally as “the girls where smoking” me. I tried to get the push-ups done more quickly to catch up as I figured this was the weak point of the girls. I’m not sure if our new Crossfit friend Adrienne finished more reps than I did, she may have beaten me by half a round or so.

The burpee pull-ups went by quickly, but at one point I thought this was going to be a drawn out slog. Good thing the time space warp was in my favor at this point.


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