Electric Dreams

Push Jerk
3×3 warm-up sets
3×3 work sets (40kgs, 23kgs)

2 rounds
10 Box jumps
10 KB swings (16kgs, 12kgs)
5 Knees to elbows
5 Burpees

Electric Dreams
15 min AMRAP
25 Box jumps
20 KB swings (24kgs, 16kgs)
15 Knees to elbows/Knee raises
10 Burpees

Until now, I can hear the song ‘Together in Electric Dreams’. I do hope that whoever reads this won’t be able to get it out of their heads as well.

For the skills session, I didn’t push as hard as I have for the past sessions 40kgs wasn’t too heavy. Socs could also have pushed more. I’m not sure if we were reserving ourselves for the WOD or for other reasons.

The pre-WOD was on a do it on your own pace but both Socs and I were cut short as we had to get going on the main WOD. I was dreading this one, the goal was to finish 3 rounds and for an AMRAP I thought that was a bit low. But the combination of exercises, rep schemes and weight it did make sense.

I was hoping to do the KB swings at 20kgs (lower prescribed rate) but alas there was none left. But I made a decision early on to do the work and with a good standard. I somewhat surprised myself with the pace I did and pulled a good 10 reps before putting the kettle bell down. The knees to elbows (KTEs) have been a weakness of mine so I tried as hard as I could to keep it clean and avoid losing control, I think I did a pretty good job. I too maintained that strict form on the burpees. I finished 2 rounds with 5 KB swings, I was hammered that I almost forgot the burpees on the second round. Good thing I had enough senses to go back and do it after 3 box jumps.

Socs did pretty well with 2 rounds plus 15 KB swings. At 16kgs (first for her) that was a good performance. Kudos to the strict form on her burpees as well.


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